The Nightliners Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all of the questions we could remember having been asked in the past. If you have a question that's not on here, please feel free to email or call our agent, #contactname, on 01782 383547.


How much space do you need? 

We recommend 3 x 5 metres, but we can work with pretty much anything (within reason). We are not precious about stage space, but some items (such as PA speakers, guitar amps, keyboards and drum kit) have a footprint that we can’t do much about. If you are really concerned about space, contact Alive Network and we will see if we have your chosen venue on file. Feel free to take photos to give us a sense of the scale. 


How is it best to time things? 

Every event is unique, but there are some ground rules that work for everything:

  • Leave more time for everything than you think you will need.
  • Push the live music back to a time when people are going to appreciate it the most. With the best will in the world, 7pm isn't really party hour; most good parties get going around 8 or 9pm, so if you schedule the band to start before then you risk using up your live sets before people are ready to enjoy them.
  • Keep dancing time and anything else well separated, especially if we are playing in a side-room. If the photographer wants to do a night-time photograph with 100 sparklers, make sure its not going to conflict with one of the live sets.

We recommend something like this: 

  • Set 1: 8pm (or even later!)
  • Set 2: 9.30pm
  • Set 3: 10.50pm 


Can I pick the band’s playlist? 

Yes you can pick and choose songs from our playlist, however we prefer to pick the order as we have engineered our set list to weddings and parties and it works in a building pattern to create the best party atmosphere and keep the dance floor full and pumping all night!


Where will you travel to? 

We are based in Brighton, and our pricing reflects the additional travel costs and potential accommodation requirements of travelling around the UK for any event. Alive Network can also provide customised quotes for travel outside the UK. We will travel anywhere provided it is logistically feasible. 


Can I see you play live? 

On the Alive Network website we provide live videos of us in session at the studio. The Nightliners are comprised entirely of professional musicians and the days of pub gigs are more or less behind us. We do so many private events now that we don't have much time left over for public performances. However, you might spot one of us playing a session on TV or at a festival! 


Will you learn our special song? 

Absolutely! We will happily learn one song for free. We also have an add-on option of 2 songs if you have extras, or just can’t decide between your faves! Please let the Alive Agent know at the time of booking. 


Is the video on your website a true reflection of the band? 

Yes! The videos were recorded live in the Alive Network studio. 


How do I book you? 

Call Alive Network; our booking agent will take it from there! You can also enquire via the ‘contact’ tab on this site. 


Are you able to DJ in between sets? 

Yes - we have an iPad/Spotify, from which we'll put on a playlist full of floor-fillers of all styles! We also offer a Premium DJ upgrade, which means we'll bring our decks, take requests on the fly, and do some really cool mixes. This also eliminates any long fade outs and awkward gaps between songs to keep the energy up all night! 


Can we make DJ requests in advance to my event? 

Sure! Feel free to send a Spotify playlist to us via the pre-event document we'll send you around a month before your event (this can be discussed on your pre-event call). 


Can we use your sound system for speeches? 

You are welcome to use our PA system for your speeches, provided the speeches are happening close enough to where we're set up, and that the arrival time has been arranged accordingly. We also offer wireless mic hire if that's required too! 


What equipment do you use? 

We are all complete gear nerds, so rest assured we use top-notch equipment in every area of our set-up! 


Do you have lights? 

Yes - we provide a number of colourful flood lights to give your event a great look! 


How long do you play for? 

We play 2 hours of live material, normally 3 x 40 mins. We can also arrange 2 x 60 minute sets if that is required. 


What time do you start and finish? 

The start time depends on when you want to get your party started - we recommend the later the better. 

The finish time depends on your venue. We can offer an upgrade for a late finish after midnight to keep the party going 'til 1am! 


How long do you take to set up? 

We require roughly 1 hr 30 mins to load in, set up, and soundcheck. 


Can I provisionally book you? 

Unfortunately we don’t take provisional bookings; a deposit is required to secure a date. However, when you make an official enquiry with us, your enquiry will be logged in our system and you will be given first refusal on your date should anybody else enquire for the same date. 


What if the band split up before my event? 

Like many professional party bands, our work is our livelihood and so we take our commitments very seriously. In the very unlikely event that the band had split up before your party, every effort would be made to find a suitable replacement band. 


Can my sister/boss/daughter/dog sing with your band? 

We love it when people get up to sing a song with us, but we do like to arrange this with you in advance. 


What will the band wear? 

Steering clear of the usual stuffy function band look, we generally wear cool/casual clothes, similar to our favourite bands! We have multiple looks to choose from so our look can be specified on your 3-week courtesy call if you need us to adhere to a specific dress-code. 


Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates? 

Yes, we will include them in the 3-week call pack we send to you prior to your event. 


Why should I book The Nightliners? 

We are without doubt one of the best function bands on the circuit at the moment and have a vast amount of experience playing all different types of events across the country and further afield. We operate with the best gear so the sound is amazing, are extremely professional and down to earth people without rock star egos so that your event runs ultra smoothly, and killer musicians so that we can make sure we play everyone’s favourite songs so that all ages and music tastes are catered for. We also care about your event and know it’s very special so make sure we get it right every time.


How much does it cost to book the band? 

Prices vary slightly based on the time of year, the location of your event, timings, and any upgrade options. Contact Alive Network for a comprehensive quote. 


Can we see some previous client testimonials? 

Yes - we have many reviews from happy customers on both our website and Alive Network profile. 


Do you have any specific requirements? 

The band consists of 2 vegetarians and 2 omnivores. After a long day of travelling, loading in and setting up, we would ideally like a hot meal so that we have the energy to give our best possible performance. Most caterers know just what to do, but if there’s any confusion over food we can certainly provide some ideas of quick, easy, cheap food that can be knocked up in a simple kitchen. We ask that there is a supply of free drinking water on site so we can stay hydrated. Any other drinks from the bar are always greatly appreciated.That’s about it! 


What type/size venues are you able to play at? 

We can play in a small pub or large barn! And everything in between! We come fully equipped with everything we need to perform in any space, up to 300 people at a time. If you have an extremely large event, we can also source a larger PA system, but our standard equipment is usually more than adequate. 


What is the band power requirement? 

All we ask for is access to 2 x standard 13 amp sockets, then we can use extensions to power everything. Using less than two is a bit risky, as we have so much powered equipment. The same is true of a gig where we are running off a generator; simply tell the generator company that we will require 2 x 13 amp suppliers for our section of the room, plus whatever else is required for your party i.e. the bar, main lighting etc. 


Do The Nightliners offer any additional services? 

We do indeed! We have an excellent selection of add-ons that can be factored into your quote, including:

  • Premium DJ service
  • Additional song requests
  • Acoustic set (1 x 45 minute set, inc. 4pm early arrival)
  • Early arrival
  • After 12am finish
  • Walk-on stings for corporate events / awards ceremonies
  • Additional 40 min set
  • Wireless mic for speeches 

If you want us to do something special and you can’t see it itemised here, please do get in touch! We are more than happy to put together a bespoke quote for a special suggestion - the more off-the-wall the better!